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Welcome! We're Tony and Sage, the faces behind Alchemic Healing and familiar faces on Instagram. Our focus? Growth, self-love, and relationships. We're all about learning together and helping others grow as we do. Join us in embracing the joy of growth and the power of connection. Here's to growing together!


What is Alchemic Healing About?

Alchemic Healing is a platform dedicated to personal growth, self-care, and nurturing healthy relationships. We share content on Instagram and our website that inspires and guides individuals towards a more balanced and fulfilling life. Our focus is on self care, growth and relationships.

Can I Collaborate or Partner with Alchemic Healing?

We're always open to collaboration and partnership opportunities that align with our mission of promoting growth, self-care, and positive relationships. If you're interested in collaborating, please contact us via our website's 'Contact' section with your proposal and details.

Do Tony and Sage Offer Personal Coaching?

Yes, we offer personal coaching and listening sessions. These sessions are designed to help you on your journey towards self-discovery. Although we are not taking new clients at this time...shoot us an email of you would like to join our waiting list.

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Your Posts inspire me so much! they are always exactly what I need at the right time. thank you both so much for your hard work and dedication.


Y'all have been right on point with your content! keep it up and stay blessed.


Every time I log into instagram and threads I go directly to @alchemichealing for my daily dose of motivation.
Thank you both so much!


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